Sailing SEASON Sailing to the Sea Lions and Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse in Catamarans
The meeting point is the office at the touristic port. After changing the voucher we access the port and we pay the tax fee. Then the embarkation takes place and we depart to the Beagle Channel in the Yacht.

We sail Ushuaia Bay through Paso Chico to get to the Beagle Channel main stream. We arrive first at the Birds Island, where we will have a look at Skuas, Black Eyebrow Albatrosses, Steamer Ducks, Upland Geese, Seagulls and more

Then we see the Sea Lions Island, where we will see South American Sea Lion and the Fur Sea Lion. All these islands belong to the Bridges Archipielagos

The tour continues until we reach Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse. This lighthouse indicates the sailors the dangerous rocks beneath it and the proximity of Ushuaia Bay. At the same island, we can appreciate Imperial and Rock Cormorants and you will learn about the sinking of the SS Monte Cervantes in 1930.

This tours includes (when the weather allows is) a disembark at Karelo Island, another of the island that belongs to the Bridges Archipielagos. There we will have a nice guided walk about half an hour long. At the walk, we have an approach to a Yamana midden (Yamanas were one of the natives of the area) (in WINTER, the disembark is subject to the weather and snow conditions)

On the way back we have some time to enjoy the mountains around Ushuaia.
We start at the touristic port. We sail to Alicia Island to sightsee a sea lion colony. Then to the Birds Island, home of Imperial and Rock Cormorants. In another nearby island we will see another Rock Cormorant colony over the cliffs. Finally we sail to another sea lion colony and we reach the Les Eclaireurs lighthouse. On the way back, we disembark (if the weather allows it) at the Bridges Island to walk to a Yamana midden.
Daily: 10hs, 15:00hs y 19hs (to confirm) (SUMMER)
            10hs y 15:00hs (WINTER)                

Duration: 4hs approx.
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